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  • Perfection is a word I rarely use!! Your letter is a fantastic example of this!! Very, very good. I wish I had your use of the English language and ability to set the facts out as you have. No additional comment needed… I will be very intrigued as to how they deal with this sterling presentation of our case.

  • Russell what can I say but a massive thank you, to you for all your efforts over the past few years in achieving a fantastic result, I can’t thank you enough.

  • Thank you for all your help. Only certain few people have helped change my life and you will always be one of them, that I will remember.

  • I am firmly of the view that Smart Planning’s appeal submission was the deciding factor. It was a well structured document and focussed on all the key issues. It set down the rationale of the appeal in a clear and concise manner and used a persuasive technique to ensure that the Inspector was focussed on the key issues and came to a just decision.