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About Smart Planning

Our Mission Statement:

To provide Town and Country Planning services to confidently deliver clients’ aspirations for the development and use of land and buildings in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

In doing so, Smart Planning works to stay at the forefront of current planning practice and seeks to excel in an increasing range of circumstances, over an increasing geographical area and through partnership with those having complimentary skills.


Smart Planning is a multi-disciplinary team of chartered town planners and professional planning consultants dedicated to the pursuit of development and land-use solutions. Whether in routine development control, landscape and design, or complex strategic planning, we have the personnel, skills and experience to navigate proposals effectively through the planning process. Our consultants have developed a reputation for problem solving and making progress in difficult situations of competing constraints. This is achieved through knowledge of the planning system, daily application of planning law, creativity in design, team working and by placing a high value on negotiation and discussion.

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