A refusal of planning permission can seem unjust or contrary to earlier discussions with the Local Authority. You might disagree with the balance of judgement and the reasons given. Government advice is that the appeal system should be a last resort when all cooperative routes have been exhausted.

Different planning refusals demand appeal strategies that are tailored to the circumstances of the case and the complexity of the scheme. Whatever the reasons for refusal, Smart Planning can break down the refusal notice into its constituent elements, assemble a cogent case, and then collate, submit, and manage the appeal on your behalf.

We provide persuasive written evidence and robust expert witnesses. Where advocacy is required, we have direct access to the legal profession through our Chartered status.

With every type of appeal, Smart Planning has a wealth of expertise backed by an enviable record of success. We can fine tune your strategy and optimise your prospects through the appeal process. / 0870 013 6996