Smart Planning have successfully obtained planning permission from Brentwood Borough Council for a two-storey 8-bedroom House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) in West Horndon, Essex.

The site, which is located to the rear of an existing public house and near to West Horndon Train Station, already benefitted from a previous planning permission allowed on appeal,. However, this permission had expired in early 2021. The latest submission sought to renew the previous planning permission on behalf of the applicant.

In assessing the application, the assigned Planning Officer states that “The allowed consent is a material consideration in the determination of this application“. The Officer then goes on saying  that “The permission remains materially unchanged from the permitted scheme …and as such the application raises no new issues from that previously assessed under the permitted scheme outlined above and from that allowed by the Inspector at appeal”.

As there were no alterations proposed from the allowed appeal scheme, the Officer concluded that “…following the inspectors appeal decision, the development is considered to comply with local policy CP1 (ii) subject to conditions and the previous reason for refusal is not upheld“.

Consequently, there were no issues raised in respect of parking, access, amenity, impact on neighbours or noise from the nearby railway line.

Given the planning history of the site, the application was granted and the previous permission renewed, subject to conditions.

13 August 2021