A Volvo hybrid car burst into flames in Birmingham whilst left charging on the family driveway. The owner of the vehicle noticed the blaze and called the fire brigade who responded quickly but the fire still caused over £3000 worth of damage to the family home.

The family are still chasing Volvo to find out the route cause of the blaze. The owner of the vehicle, Mr Freeman said: “The fire brigade did an investigation and believe it may have been started by the engine or the socket where the charging plug fits to the car, which is very close to the engine.”

This follows an incident at our Head Office in July 2017 when our own electric Smart Car caught fire whilst charging.

The firefighters concluded there was an electrical fault with the cable which caused the fire, damaging our Head Office premises and surroundings.

Luckily firefighters were on site swiftly and quickly distinguished the flames, limiting the damage. However the car could not be saved…