Permission was sought for the permanent residence of three Romani gypsy families on land to the north of Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey.
The proposal included the sighting of three static and three touring caravans, areas of hardstanding as well as stabling for the keeping of horses. The parcel of land to which the appeal relates falls within a designated area of great landscape value (AGLV).

The Inspector considered the harm of the development to the character of the area when assessing the merits of the appeal and concluded that the use of the site for three additional pitches would have a limited impact on the area. The site is in close proximity to two other existing traveller parks and near a proposed traveller site identified in Waverely Borough Council’s (WBC) emerging Local Plan.

WBC said progress is being made with their Local Plan which does identify proposed traveller sites but it currently remains in the early stages or preparation. The Inspector therefore concluded WBC cannot demonstrate a five-year supply of traveller sites and therefore could not provide the Appellant with an alternative site.

The Inspector concluded the Appeal should be allowed and planning permission granted.

20 August 2018.