Smart Planning has successfully obtained outline planning permission for three dwellings on a site in the Uttlesford District following a unanimous resolution to grant consent by members of the Uttlesford Planning Committee at their meeting yesterday afternoon (15 December).

The proposal will contribute, albeit modestly, to the housing supply of Uttlesford in a location that is contiguous with a settlement boundary and which nestles between two existing residential properties. As such, it will meld into the existing linear pattern of development whilst wholly retaining the established landscape structure of the site.

The proposal is also wholly technically sound having regard to the consultation responses received from statutory consultees. In this regard, no objections were raised by Place Services in relation to ecology, the Council’s Landscape Officer or the Local Highway Authority.

Having regard to ecology and landscape in tandem, the proposal provides an opportunity to provide ecological enhancements to what is currently a field with low ecological value, as well as through the bolstering of the existing well established vegetation which bounds the site on all sides. Two existing mature oak trees to the periphery of the eastern site boundary will also be retained without injury.

With reference to highways, the visibility splays from the proposed site access were designed to accord with the specification of the Local Highway Authority and informed by a bespoke speed survey conducted at the site by a professional Transportation Consultancy.

Given all of the foregoing, outline planning permission was subsequently granted by the Committee.

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16 December 2021