Smart Planning are delighted to have obtained planning permission for a residential development in Dovercourt, Essex.

The principle of a residential development at the site had been well-established, but planning permission for a previous scheme had expired in early 2021.

In seeking to essentially renew the planning permission, it became apparent that the originally approved site boundary line needed to be amended, which had implications on the total amount of vehicle parking spaces provided.

It was submitted that given the urban location of the site, and its proximity to a number of services and facilities, that the reduction in parking spaces (primarily those for visitors) would be insignificant.

The Local Highway Authority (LHA) concurred with Smart Planning’s position and therefore raised no objections to the amendments.

The proposal also sought to protect an existing Oak tree on site, the subject of a Tree Preservation Order. There were also no amendments to the scale and design of the development, thus from a heritage prospective the proposal would not harm the neighbouring Listed Building and would continue to preserve its setting.

The Local Planning Authority (LPA) in recommending approval confirmed that ‘The proposal is visually acceptable and, in having consideration of the planning history relating to the site, will not significantly harm the protected tree, the setting of the listed building or the amenity of local residents. The site is an appropriate infill and is recommended for approval.

The permission provides Dovercourt with nine well-designed, self-contained flats, assisting in maintaining the supply of housing within the Tendring District.

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11 August 2021