The most challenging areas in England to obtain planning permission have been revealed as part of a new study.

Within the top 10 were 8 local planning authorities from across London, whilst more locally Southend-on-Sea Borough Council came 8th. The only authority from the northern part of the country to feature in the list was Rochdale in greater Manchester, which came in 7th position.

The top ten can be seen below, including the percentage of decisions approved within each authority.

1 Enfield, London (65.13%)
2 Hillingdon, London (66.01%)
3 Harrow, London (69.56%)
4 Hounslow, London (71.24%)
5 Greenwich, London (71.47%)
6 Lambeth, London (73.55%)
7 Rochdale, Greater Manchester (74.03%)
8 Southend-on-Sea, Essex (74.46%)
9 Newham, London (76.02%)
10 Bromley, London (76.82%)

Research conducted by Roofing Megastore, a roofing supplies merchant, looked back at 3 years worth of planning application data available from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to calculate the percentage of applications that were granted and rejected. In total, more than 300 local planning authorities were analysed. The average approval rate across all authorities was a staggering 91%.

28 October 2020