Smart Planning are pleased to have successfully obtained a Certificate of Lawfulness from Basildon Borough Council for the development of an incidental outbuilding at a property near Wickford, Essex. The garden outbuilding will incorporate a snooker and games room with seating area, along with a toilet facility providing additional space for the enjoyment of the applicant.

Within their reason for granting the Certificate, the Local Planning Authority confirmed that they were satisfied that “the application is permitted development falling within Class E of Part 1 of Schedule 2 of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 2015 (As amended).

This was achieved through Smart Planning’s Compact Planning Service.

What is Compact Planning?

Compact Planning is a branch of Smart Planning that neatly packages routine planning services to deliver them in a cost effective, resource efficient and systematic way.

Not all situations will suit Compact Planning. The planning system is not always predictable and bespoke solutions are often required. Compact Planning has been designed on the basis that greater resources are at hand should they be required.

With careful nurturing and timely client updates, Compact Planning uses the skills of the team to guide applications through the planning system. Team tasks are assigned at the optimum level of experience capable of fulfilling the task. This provides cost-effective planning outcomes. The Compact Planning Team Leader takes ultimate responsibility to make sure that planning strategies remain on track.

Compact Planning performs best when applied to routine planning procedures where the issues are either low key or predictable and the process is known from the outset, ideally following a statutory timetable.

Compact Planning achieves the desired outcome with careful resource management, optimum client care, and hence maximum satisfaction.

Compact Planning is operated on a fixed fee menu pricing system. It delivers a big product in a compact way with no hidden extras.

Compact Planning is just one service provided by Smart Planning as part of its mission to deliver clients’ aspirations for the development and use of land and buildings in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

For more information on our Compact Planning Service and to see whether your proposal may qualify, please contact us today.

26 February 2021