Chelmsford City Council has successfully purchased the former Gas Works site at Wharf Road located near city centre. The site which was previously owned by the National Grid includes two redundant gas holders, with the purchase price including the cost of their demolition and the decontamination of the land.

The redevelopment of the site will be funded partly by the Housing Infrastructure Fund and a contribution from developer Taylor Wimpey who are developing the southern end of the peninsula. As part of the vision for the site, a new road bridge is proposed behind the Essex Record Office which will connect the Baddow Road car park to a new junction on Baddow Road, helping to make the peninsula more accessible whilst reducing traffic on Navigation Road.

It is hoped that the plan will enable public access to the peninsula which has been closed off for over 100 years and regenerate the areas immediately around the rivers. The Council also intend to retain parts of the iron gas holder so that Chelmsford’s industrial heritage is not forgotten.

04 July 2018