Smart Planning successfully obtained planning permission from Thurrock Council on 26 October 2017 for ten residential apartments in a Grade II Listed Manor House, restoration of an associated Grade II Listed Gardener’s Cottage and the Listed walls to the yard and garden of the Manor House.

This was a varied planning permission to remove two landscaping related conditions from an earlier grant of planning permission.

The planning permission was commenced with the digging of part of a foundation trench and an application submitted to the Local Planning Authority (LPA) to discharge Condition 1 of the planning permission (that the development must be commenced within two years of the date of the planning permission being granted) to confirm that the LPA agree commencement has taken place. On approval, this would preserve the planning permission in perpetuity.

The decision was issued on Monday 23 October 2019 with a positive outcome and the planning permission can now be implemented at any time in the future, much to the delight of the client.

23 October 2019