Smart Planning has successfully obtained planning permission for a new house in the Green Belt subject to conditions.

The site, located near Orsett within the Thurrock Borough, involved the removal of an existing stable block and a detached double garage in lieu of a new two-storey dwelling with private amenity space.

The development site is also situated opposite an ancient scheduled monument and near to a row of Grade II listed cottages.

In granting permission, the case officer clarifies that the proposal is on previously developed land and would therefore comply with Green Belt policy contained within the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

The Officer’s Report also recognises the merits of the scheme to the Green Belt setting, noting that “The proposal would result in a decrease in footprint of some 85sqm across the site and the built form would all be consolidated in one location. In addition a comparison of the existing and proposed site plan shows that the level of hardsurfacing on the site would decrease”.

Additionally, it was agreed that there would be significant impact on the local road network and that the design of the proposed dwelling was “considered to be acceptable”.

The application was therefore permitted much to the delight of the client.

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26 April 2019