The application was submitted to the Local Planning Authority (LPA), Rochford District Council, by Smart Planning. It was registered as valid by the LPA and was due for determination by 21 June 2017.

The planning application was for the removal of Existing Chalets and Hardstanding Bases and Provision of New Hardstanding Bases for Caravans.

The application proposed improvements to the existing holiday chalet and caravan park business based in Hullbridge by rationalising the layout of the site to provide a desirable layout with less hardstanding and enhanced landscaping. It also proposed a holiday season of 11 ½ months of a year.

We successfully obtained a planning application fee refund for the client under the Planning Guarantee, as a period of six months had passed from the due determination date

After much lobbying and endeavors on our behalf, which included exhausting the complaints process, we received Planning Permission for the development on 6 February 2019.

The LPA’s Planning Departments lack of action in the determination of this application was wholly unacceptable, but we are extremely pleased to obtain a positive outcome for our clients and their business, even if it took longer than anticipated.

11 February 2019