Smart Planning has successfully appealed against the refusal of planning permission by Brentwood Borough Council for the demolition and construction of a replacement dwelling.

The allowed appeal will see the demolition of an existing Bungalow, and the erection of a two-storey detached property with basement and altered vehicle cross-over in its place, much to the delight of our client.

The assigned Planning Inspector agreed with our written submissions, stating that the proposed property “would not result in a development that was excessive in scale or bulk“, and would not “be excessively high nor would it look out of character in the streetscene“.

This is another example of how Smart Planning can help clients overturn their refused permissions through carefully structured policy arguments.

If you have recently been refused planning permission and would like to know more about the appeals process, then come and speak to one of our consultants today and see if we can assist you.

05 November 2018