Smart Planning are delighted to have secured planning permission from Chelmsford City Council for the siting of a mobile home in the village of Bicknacre, Essex to be used by the manager of a Petting Zoo.

The Petting Zoo is currently home to a wide variety of different animals and birds which require constant around the clock care and attention, including veterinary assistance.

The new mobile home will ensure that the Zoo Manager can be present on site at all times to respond quickly to the needs of the animals rather than travel from accommodation away from the site.

As part of Smart Planning’s submissions, updated financial evidence was provided to demonstrate that the business was viable and that the Zoo Manager job was sustainable in line with adopted local Policy DM12. This demonstrated that in the planning balance the mobile home was reasonably required for the ongoing function of the Petting Zoo.

Moreover, a House Price Proximity Map was produced for the application which showed the local house prices within the immediate vicinity of the site. It provided further support that a mobile home would be a far more cost effective solution for the Zoo Manager accommodation.

Given the foregoing, the Planning Officer concluded that “it is considered that on the basis of the supporting information, evidence has been presented to demonstrate a justified and genuine need for this mobile home to support the business needs of the garden centre petting zoo“.

Furthermore, no harm was identified in respect of the site’s sustainability, the environment, parking or character and appearance.

The application was therefore granted planning permission subject to reasonable conditions, much to the delight of the client.

01 October 2020