Smart Planning has obtained planning permission for twelve stables in Great Braxted after The North West Planning Committee in Maldon resolved to grant planning permission on 11 January 2023. Six of the stables are for hobby use and six for commercial use such as livery and trails. The stables will offer a recreational service to local people and budding equestrians and also provide a tourist facility for visitors to the District, bringing benefits to health and well-being, and also providing jobs and benefits to the rural economy in the District.

Councillors considered that the building proposed was of an appropriate size and complied with the requirements of Policy E4 Agricultural and Rural Diversification which would result in an uptick in labour or employment here since running a stables is a labour intensive activity. It was also considered by Councillors that stables cannot be sited in the urban areas of the District, and that the field at the site lends itself to grazing. There were no objections to the scheme on the grounds of design, siting, ecology or highways and Councillors granted planning permission subject to conditions.