At Smart Planning, we were very happy recipients today of an appeal decision endorsing plans to demolish a bungalow (72sqm) and replace with a chalet (221m2), a 207% increase. This was in the Metropolitan Green Belt of Chelmsford, in the village of Downham.

The Inspector, whilst finding against us in that the development was ‘inappropriate’ due to the size and proportion increase, agreed that the replacement dwelling would of better design and character, better fitting the established area than the original bungalow.

This, coupled with the only minimal impact on openness, was enough for the Inspector to consider the proposal had very special circumstances that outweighed the ‘inappropriateness.’

It is a positive and proactive decision from the Planning Inspectorate and demonstrates that the phrase “very special circumstances” does not imply circumstances have to be unique, non-commonplace or unusual in order to outweigh Green Belt restrictions.

The client was delighted with the outcome. See if we can help you too, and get in touch with our qualified Consultants. For more information on the appeal process click here.

24 May 2019