The pandemic presented itself with many challenges. The rate of new enquiries sky-rocketed and we experienced a huge influx of new clients looking to extend their homes. Our staff are settling back into a mix of remote and office working, and we have even employed two new full-time members of staff!

The two new members of staff have joined our busy Consultant Team and have hit the ground running responding to the ever-growing list of jobs and new enquiries. To ensure they are comfortable joining a new workplace during these difficult times we have made sure they have been integrated into the team through learning from their peers.

We offer all members of staff the flexibility to work from both the office and at home. Most staff have taken on a hybrid approach to work so that they are still able to meet with colleagues in person to collaborate on tasks when needed. Wellbeing is a high priority, and we want all staff to feel safe and secure within the workplace.

In addition, as a kind gesture from our Principal Director, all staff visited a local restaurant to celebrate one of our Consultant’s 15-year anniversary at the company. We enjoyed a delicious lunch and had the opportunity to celebrate all her hard work over the years, whilst reminiscing of notable events and projects at Smart Planning. We had a lovely time! It was great to be able to spend some quality time together as a team away from our desks and appreciate how much our working lives had changed.

As the winter draws in and the daylight hours get shorter, we endeavour to start inviting clients back to our office to hold in-person meetings to ensure we are giving the best service possible. We want to resume our previously successful client surgeries in the near future to discuss your development aspirations. We hope to see you at our office again sometime soon!

23 September 2021