What is an Enforcement Notice?

“a notification to remedy a breach of planning legislation.”

An Enforcement Notice is a Notice served against unauthorised development.
The Notice requires the unauthorised development or unauthorised use to cease which includes the demolition of buildings and structures.

A valid enforcement notice should include the following information; 

  1. A description of what the alleged breach of planning control is.
  2. Whether the breach is one where the Enforcement Notice has to be issued within 4 years or 10 years.
  3. Steps which have to be taken to comply with the Notice.
  4. The date on which the Notice takes effect. (Which is usually 28 days from the date of the Notice)
  5. A period for compliance with the Notice.
  6. Justification as to why the Local Planning Authority has served the Notice.
  7. The planning policies in the Local Planning Authority’s Development Plan relevant to their decision to issue the Notice.
  8. The precise boundaries of the land to which it relates. (This is normally done using a map and the boundary is usually highlighted in red.)
  9. Details of appeal rights for those who are issued with the Notice.
  10. A list of the names and addresses of the people on whom the Notice has been served.

Enforcement enquiries have an immediacy which Smart Planning are familiar with. We will prioritise any initial enforcement enquiries through our free client surgeries and we have the resources to respond quickly and efficiently.

21 January 2019